1. “ West African contributions to Science and Technology with Robin Walker: Lecture, Discussion and Book Launch”

    presented by Robin Walker in London 6th August 2013 19:00 

    Timbuktu with its ancient West African university and 700,000 old manuscripts has been much in the news. What is in those manuscripts? What do they tell us about ancient West African science and technology?
    This lecture and book launch addresses the role of early West Africa in the evolution of mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, medicine & surgery, navigation, and architecture. Also at the seminar, Robin Walker ‘The Black History Man,’ will be launching his new book Blacks and Science Volume Two.
    Come along to the lecture, discussion, and book launch. You will learn about:

    The West African ruler who explored the Atlantic Ocean to Central America 181 years before Christopher Columbus.

    The Timbuktu scholars who mapped the orbits of the planets 600 years ago.

    The Dogon thinkers who created ideas resembling big bang theory and parallel universes 700 years ago.

    The West Africans who pioneered the smallpox vaccine even before the era of the slave trade.

    How new dietary ideas such as ‘calorie restriction’ and the ‘fast diet’ are actually of ancient West African origins.

    Full details below:


    Venue: Learie Constantine Centre, 43-47 dudden Hill Lane NW10 2ET - Near Willesden Bus Garage

    Nearest tube: Dollis Hill.

    Buses: 302, 297, 260, 266

    Date: 6th August 2013

    Time :7pm sharp 

    Contact: Any enquiries: call 07956 371 126 or email healthtruths4u@hotmail.co.uk

    All adults are welcome to come along, learn, ask questions and be inspired!
    £5 on the door,  Children under 16 pay £3.

    7pm sharp.

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